Photo Challenge: Inspiring Travels

Photo Challenge: This week, we want you to show us what Inspiration means to you

travelblues collage

The travel blues has hit me hard these days. Travelling, as well as travel planning, makes me happy, inspires me, and is something I can’t live without anymore.

7 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Inspiring Travels

  1. lovetotrav

    The travel blues and how you define them are something that I can completely relate to. They hit me the hardest in the winter when it feels a looooong way away from a next trip. I am also always planning a trip (or trying to) so I push those blues away but some days they still remain. Happy travels in your near future, Cheryl


    • Maria

      Oh yes, winter is the hardest time for me too! In fact I’ve already planned two trips for 2016, one of which will take 6 months. In the mean time, I promised myself to explore my immediate region to keep the travel blues at bay. Hope you’ll be able to travel soon!
      Greetings, Maria

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