2015: A Year in Review and Looking Ahead to 2016

Happy New Year, everyone! It is time for another review and a look at what is to come.

As a preparation for this review of 2015, I’ve been looking at my post from December 2014 “I Solemnly Swear I’m Up to Nothing but Good” and all the plans I had for 2015. For 2015, I wanted to de-clutter my life and belongings, exercise more, and eat healthier. In retrospect, I’m happy to say that I’ve kickstarted all four processess. Although some more successful than others. I decluttered my wardrobe and I’m in the process of creating a perfect capsule wardrobe. In case you’re unfamiliar with the concept of a capsule wardrobe, go and check out Project 333, a minimalist fashion challenge. I’ve also decluttered a great deal of my belongings even though there is still a great deal I want to get rid of in the upcoming months. Since I’m a student, there are certain books, notes and copied texts I need to keep, but I’ll get rid of as soon as I’v graduated. I’ve also started to exercise regularly and eat healthier. Naturally, I’ve started to see some positive changes when it came to my health even though I’m nowhere near my health related goal. All in all, I’m very happy how I’ve managed to change some aspects of my life for the better.

2015: In Review

Even though 2015 had some relaxing and very happy moments during the summer, it started out stressful and sad and ended in that same way. 2015 started with the passing of one family member and ended with the passing of another. University stress reached an unprecedented high, I had to move out of my appartment due to molding, and another family member was hospitalize due to health issues – everything at once during the first two months of 2015. In other words, I’ve experienced some serious burn-out. However, I do believe that with the help of my four goals for 2015, I’ve managed to cope with all this much better than I’ve otherwise would’ve.

2015 meant for my blog a shift in content. I’ve finally managed to find a purpose for my blog. It started out as a place for me to collect my thoughts, however obsure and unrelated they were and turned into a travel and art blog. I’ve learned to manage my time better and blog more frequently and even create some useful travel posts.

Despite the stress, I’ve managed to squeeze in some travels in 2015. On February 28th and March 1st, my sister and I went to Hamburg. Our main aim was to watch a recording of The Crucible, starring Richard Armitage.

hamburg sunset
Hambur harbour

We had a wonderful time and were greeted by a fantastic sunset. This wasn’t the first time for me to travel to Hamburg, so a relaxed familiarity welcomed me.

Later that same month, I’ve travelled to Berlin for a day to see the exhibition on the painter Gottfried Lindauer and his Māori portraits. His portraits of Māori, alongside those of Charles Frederick Goldie’s portraits,  are an invaluable historic account for New Zealand. I’ve seen some of Lindauer’s (and Goldie’s) portraits when I was in New Zealand, but when I’ve heard that they’d be exhibited in Europe for the very first time, I was exited and started to plan my trip. As an former art-student, I admire Lindauer’s talent. As a New Zealand enthusiast, I was mezmerized by the individial biographies of those immortalized by Lindauer.

berlin ausstellung
Alte National Galerie in Berlin

Then in May, I’ve visited one of my favourite places in this world: London. Two friends and I spend seven days exploring this busy city. I’ve already posted about this trip on my blog and on Travelling Geek Show: So I’ll just leave the links and you can explore my posts in case you haven’t already.

Miscellaneous highlights from my trip to London
Miscellaneous highlights from my trip to London

2016: Looking Ahead

So what will 2016 have instore for me and this blog? On a personal level, 2016 will be a year full of changes and milestones. I’ll hit the big 30 (and I’m exited! Honestly, I can’t wait!), I’ll graduate with a Master’s in English and American literary studies, and will go abroad after graduating. My travel destinations will be the UK and New Zealand. No one is surprised about that one, I know. A great deal can change in the upcoming months, but unless I’ll get a job-offer, I’ll plan on travelling to New Zealand around October or November for roughly 6 months. However, before that, I’ll spend a couple of days around my 30th birthday in London. For my 30th birthday, I’ve rewarded myself with a ticket for the play ‘The Entertainer’ at the Garrick Theatre, starring Sir Kenneth Branagh. And let me tell you, I’m starting to count the days already!

For my blog, I have a few exciting projects instore as well. In addition to my usual posts reflecting my past travel experiences, I’ll document my upcoming travel planning in order to help others with their travels. Moreover, I’ve also two bigger travel-related art projects planned for 2016. Knowing me, I’ll end up giving you sneak peeks on Instagram and Twitter throughout the year way before these projects are complete. So make sure to follow me on Instagram and Twitter!


One Little Word: Move

Last year, my dear friend Alice from thegeekyburrow.com introduced me to the concept ‘One Little Word’ as a guiding theme for each year. For 2015, I chose Nurture as a guidance to nurture my health, frienships, and passions. Even though there were times I forgot about my One little Word, it popped up again and again and helped me to stay on track. Therefore, I decided to continue with this habit. For 2016, I picked Move as my One Little Word. It serves as a reminder to continue with my positive changes and move towards a better version of myself, move on with my life and let go of certain relationships while nurturing others. It also serves as a reminder to stay focused on my dreams of travelling after graduating from University.

Right now, I’m very excited for what life has to offer me in 2016.

What about you? How does your review of 2015 look like,  was it a great year? What are your plans for 2016 and do you plan on choosing your One Little Word? Leave a comment down below! 


3 thoughts on “2015: A Year in Review and Looking Ahead to 2016

  1. i’m with alice! also, it’s interesting how many of the things you mentioned doing throughout the year i still remember reading about. is it already over half a year since you went to london and wrote those blog posts afterwards? time sure flies. i’m very sorry about your year being bracketed with the death of family members, though. 😦

    as for my year, it was so-so, i guess. i had to practically waste an entire semester due to an exceptionally bad selection of available courses. the one lecture i visited that semester (ridiculous, isn’ tit?) was so badly done and half-informed that i couldn’t stop ranting and mouthing off. much to the amusement of my fellow students. i tried learning python (a programming language) to at least do something useful, but couldn’t yet find a way into it that clicked with me. i’ve been doing some pretty interesting things this semester, though. and i got to meet you in october, which was super cool as well. 🙂 i’ve been drawing more – not yet as much as i’d like to, but more than the year before.

    for 2016, i hope to get my fitness in shape again. i’m finally fed up enough (again!) with how weak and flabby i’ve become. rage really is the secret ingredient. other than that, i’ll call the year a success if i manage to code smarter stuff and make better bows. who knows what else it will bring?


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