Exploring Grimmwelt and Brother’s Grimm in Kassel, Germany

Do you know it when you’re constantly dreaming of far-away places while many local gems remain unexplored? September last year, Kassel unveiled its new Brother’s Grimm museum named Grimmwelt and I’ve been meaning to explore it ever since. Last week, I’ve finally managed to do that and decided to share with you my experience.

Brother’s Grimm in Kassel

Everyone knows that the Brother’s Grimm are from Germany, but not too many know that Kassel, alongside Marburg, is one of the most important cities in the lives of the Brother’s Grimm. Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm not only spend a great part of their lives living in Kassel, they also compiled, edited, and translated their famous Grimm’s Fairy Tales in Kassel. So if you’re interested in exploring the lives of the Brother’s Grimm, Kassel is the place to go.

Grimmwelt in Kassel

Homepage: grimmwelt.de
Admission: Adults: 8€, Children/Reduced: 6€
Accessibility: Very good accessibility. Everything at Grimmwelt is designed to accustom people with walking impairments, hearing impairments, or visual impairments.

The Grimmwelt (or ‘Grimmworld’ in English), is right in the city centre and a only a five minute walk away from Kassel’s town hall and a 10 minute walk away from Kassel’s Karlsaue, the city park. As implied by the name, the exhibition itself features everything significant to the Brother’s Grimm. In addition to showcasing their work on fairy tales, the exhibition also explores their lives and their work on a German Dictionary, the Deutsches Wörterbuch. Something I didn’t knew before visiting Grimmwelt is that a an art instalation named “Colored Roots” by famous Chinese artist Ai Weiwei is featured there as well.

The exhibition building itself is very unique to as it can be climbed and explored. On a sunny day, you’ll have a fantastic view of Kassel on top of Grimmwelt’s building!



The exhibition is well designed and access free, for visitors of all ages. My personal favorite is the abstract forest you can walk through. After having visited the exhibition, all I want to do is to re-read Grimm’s fairy tales!

If you’re thinking about exploring Grimmwelt and Kassel, go and read my post about Kassel’s other stunning park, named Wilhelmshöhe.

Ever been to Kassel? What is your favorite Grimm fairy tale? Leave a comment down below!


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