What I’ve Packed for Two Days in London

From September 8th until September 10th, I’ve explored London for the fifth time (oh my!). I’ll go into detail about what I’ve done next week (and let me tell you it was EPIC so stay tuned!). Today, however, I’d like to talk about what I’ve packed and if my packing list turned out to be useful or whether I over-packed or under-packed.

I booked my flight with British Airways and I chose the ‘hand luggage only’ option which meant that I could bring two smaller sized bags with me on board the plane. For more information on the hand luggage allowance of British Airways, go and check out their homepage.

I know I could’ve booked a cheaper flight with a budget airline, but the service and additional hand luggage options British Airways offers is to me worth the extra price. I’ll always pick a decent airline with these options over an ultra-budget airline.

What I’ve packed for two days in London:

Now, my intent was to travel light so I tried to bring only the most necessary items. I packed my clothes and toiletries in my Osprey day pack (which is part of my Osprey Farpoint 55), and all the rest in my leather handbag.


In hindsight, I can say that I’ve packed just the right amount of cloths. So in that regard, I managed to pack light.


Not shown: My Sony Cybershot DSC-W110 since I was taking the photo with the camera.
Now when it comes to the stuff in my handbag, I went a bit overboard with some items. First of all, I packed way more than just 3 granola bars. I think I packed around 12-15 and ate most of them only during my journey home. Next time I’ll pack less. I’ve also could’ve left my ipod charger at home since I’ve barely listened to music and, therefore, didn’t drain the battery.

Now to the part where I over-packed and where I’d do things differently

As you can see in the following image, I packed a chunky Midori Traveler’s Notebook and some art supplies.


Did I use either of them during my travel? Yes, but only once. I thought that I’d take it with me and sketch my journey during some down-time. I’ve even took my large and heavy handbag with my just to have enough space to carry my art supplies and Midori Traveler’s Notebook with me everywhere which I did. But, I’ll be honest, I really didn’t have the time or energy to sketch while being out and about in London. Yet, I kept on dragging my heavy and fully packed handbag with me everywhere. While I had some thoughts I wanted to quickly write down, I didn’t wanted to scribble some random thoughts into my Traveler’s Notebook because it wouldn’t look pretty (the struggle is real).

What I’d do different

So what would I do differently next time? I’d bring a much smaller hand bag and bring only one ballpen and one small A6 sized journal with me, such as the Moleskine Cashier Journals with me and transfer all the notes later on in my actual Travel Journals.

One last thing, though. When I picked out my luggage for this trip, I didn’t anticipate the purchases I’d make whilst in London. Now,most people go to London for fashion hauls. I, however, went to London to buy books. In short, I ended up buying an extra (inexpensive) suitcase for all the extra stuff. However, I still remained ‘hand luggage only’ during my flight back because I stuffed my handbag inside the suitcase alongside with my purchases, clothes and toiletries.

Final Thoughts

My packing success is rather questionable as you can see. However, I’m still glad about the positive and negative packing experiences I’ve had because it was a great test-run for my upcoming trip to New Zealand. I now know what to pack and how to pack it. So let’s see what my packing list will look like in about a month when leave for New Zealand on October 20th!

Next week, I’ll share with you my adventures and the amazing things I’ve experienced so make sure to come back!


One thought on “What I’ve Packed for Two Days in London

  1. i hear you loud and clear on overpacking art supplies. it’s one of the two things i easily go overboard on, even when just leaving for a family celebration. (the other is books, because i will inevitably need to take a time-out and nothing says ‘leave me alone right now plz’ like a book and earbuds – and who knows what i’ll feel like reading, so it’s gotta be at least three, right?)

    however, there’s one tip i gathered from walt stanchfield’s ‘drawn to life’ that helped me rein it in a bit. the book’s two volumes of notes for gesture drawing classes he used to give at disney studios. he advocates using a pen for sketching, both for pragmatic reasons (doesn’t smudge once dry, like pencil) and drawing reasons (more direct, forces you to commit, discourages noodling sketches into perfected little drawings). for what it’s worth, i found my sketches to come out better overall when i only packed an ink pen for drawing. (whenever i have a pencil, i will use it, and usually noodle, hide in half-statements, in maybe-lines, in ever-so-slight tone gradations etc.)


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