New Zealand Travel Sketch: Down the Rabbit Hole

A while ago, I shared some of my New Zealand travel sketches here on my blog and it is about time to share the rest of my travel sketches with you.

New Zealand Travel Sketch Carving
Medium: Water colours, coloured pencils, and pencil

During my time in New Zealand, it was the first time I consciously sat down to sketch. In the past, I used to briefly write down what I did each day, took some images of places or objects I wanted to draw and then did the journalling and travel sketching while already being home. So this sketching on the road was a great change.

Now, I haven’t sketched nearly as often as I’d liked to, but for someone who doesn’t do this at all, I think I did great. I think, I might try to sketch some of my surroundings here at home during the summer just to get better at it. The sketches above, however, where not taken on the spot. As with most of my travel sketches, I took up the paint brush a few hours or days after I’ve visited a particular place in New Zealand.

The left image was done in Paihia, at the Waitangi Treaty Grounds, while the right one was done in Hamilton at its city Gardens. Both cities and places couldn’t be more different. The latter mostly devoid of tourists is just an ordinary New Zealand city, the former was filled to the brim with tourist after tourist. Yet, I have very fond memories of both places. At some point, hopefully in the near future, I’ll devote a blog post to each city in-depth. Until then, just relax and enjoy these illustrations.


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