New Zealand Travel Photography: Reflecting

Whether it’s water or some other reflective surface, what have you seen recently that has changed your perspective on the view? via The Daily Post Photo Challenge 


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As I look back on my trip to New Zealand, there is a lot that goes through my mind. I could’ve been still there since my visa is still valid. Would I enjoy being there? Yes and no, I guess. Part of me still longs to go back to New Zealand and stay there. The other part thinks how my family and friends would remain in Germany if I’d do it and then I remember why I decide to stay where I am.

Looking back, I also reflect on how I always wish, after each trip, to have taken more selfies. Is it vain to take selfies? Yes, to a certain degree it is. Yet, who cares? Time flies and someday I will look at my young self and remember the good and the bad days.

Both of my trips to New Zealand were special. Both trips taught me lessons about myself and New Zealand. I’m reflecting on myself, my life, and my decisions as I keep going back, looking at reflections of myself in New Zealand. I guess, New Zealand will remain a special place to me not despite being so far away, but probably because of it. Who knows what my next trip to New Zealand will teach me when (if), I manage to go back.


One thought on “New Zealand Travel Photography: Reflecting

  1. there’s always something interesting about curating a selection of photos by such a narrow topic, such as a certain colour or all depicting a certain item, or being from a certain perspective. it really brings out the similar-but-different. who would’ve thought there’s so much photos with reflectivity from your NZ trip to begin with? and ranging from the incidental, like a reflection in the window, to that selfie lens installation, which seems to be made for being photographed like this.

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