Currently in my Sketchbook: X-Files

Remember when I used to blog about my art? It has been so long ago the last time I did, I almost forgot that this blog was started as a place for me to share art. Oops.

The truth is, I wasn’t very inspired in the last few months ever since my return from New Zealand. Between my Ph.D (oh hi, yes. Apparently, I’m working on a Ph.D now), and the job hunt, I wasn’t very inspired. It has been way too long since I did some regular anatomy practice and I think one can tell from the quality of some of my sketches. It felt as if I’ve made no progress in terms of my techniques and ideas. I’ve had a few ideas for short comics, which I still want to do some day, but somehow I never got around to start working on it.

Instead, I’ve been mindlessly sketching here and there. Just as a few years ago, I decided to force myself to share my sketches with the internet. Somehow this public exposure (& embarrassment) motivates me to draw and practice more. A friend once said that sharing one’s sketchbook with someone else is like showing one’s underwear drawer: there are just certain things you don’t want other people to see. Yet, that’ll be exaclty what I’ll do. Apart from the obvious embarrassments, looking through a sketchbook is always interesting because it reveals the thought process and work process of a person.

So what is currently in my Sketchbook?

I’ve been so obsessed with the X-Files (again), I’ve started to work on possible X-Files tattoo ideas. Part of me still wants to get an X-Files inspired tattoo someday, but I’m no longer  sure I’ll use my own art for it.

Click on an image to enlarge them

As you can see, this process started with a few stylized, but still semi-realistic sketches and slowly evolved into a geometric design. It took me a long while to find the right Fox head design and I’m still not too happy with the UFO design. However, I enjoyed the process of gradually finding a satisfactory, although not perfect, design.

So, what do you think of these sketches? Any constructive criticism you’d like to share? Leave me a comment so I’ll be encouraged to draw and share more.


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