Hi, My name is Maria and I’m an one-handed artist, traveller, and geek. When I’m not busy with my blog, I can be found writing posts for Middle-earth News and Travelling Geek show.

After graduating from art-school in early 2009, I felt artistically drained and decided to take a step back from art and began to do what I loved the most besides art – I began to travel around. After exploring New Zealand and Scotland, I was still unsure what to do with my life when I came back home. Then, after months of consideration, I decided to study English and American culture and literary studies. Eventually, in September 2016, I’ve graduated with a Master’s degree in English and American culture and literary studies.

Why Pencil Philosophy?

While some friends from art-school argue that I’ve departed from my path of becoming an artist, I think that I’m closer to it than I’ve ever been. By delving into the world of literary studies and culture studies, I’ve not only widened my creative horizon, I’ve also found my love for writing.

These days, you can’t find me leaving home without a pen and notebook. Whether they’re being used for writing or drawing, pens became an essential part of my life. With the help of pens, I explore and process the world around me and this blog is a way for me to share my art, writings, and travel experiences.


Speaking Events: Tolkien Conference ‘Worlds made of Heroes’, uni. Porto – Portugal (6-7 November, 2014)


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