An Apple a Day Keeps the Feline Away

Welcome to my short comic about an adventurous mouse.

Someday during the summer, when I was commuting to work, my bus passed an apple tree. At that very moment, an apple fell down and rolled onto the street. During that sleepy morning, as I was watching that apple rolling around, a comic idea struck me out of nowhere. Almost as if a second, this time imaginary, apple fell off the tree, hitting my head and hammering the idea into my brain. Thus, the idea of an adventurous mouse travelling inside an apple was born.

Excluding the cover, the comic is 11 pages long. Since I’m loving the result so much, I’ve decided to share with you my short comic An Apple a Day Keeps the Feline Away with you on my blog.

So without further ado, here is my complete comic:

An Apple a Day Keeps the Feline Away

(Click on each image to enlarge)

As always, constructive criticism is most welcome!

Just a reminder, you can use this comic for private purposes,  share this comic online as long as you link back to my blog, but you are not allowed to use this comic commecially. 

xo, Maria